A Demo games can be a Great Way to Improve your Skills

There are many reasons why Canadian gamblers may choose to play free blackjack as opposed to the paid version of the game. It may be that they simply enjoy the game but do not want to risk their hard-earned money to play, or it may also be that they are learning the game for the first time and want to practice before they start making real-money wagers. In fact, even aficionados turn to the unpaid version in order to practice before tournaments, to learn how rule variations affect the game, to practice card counting strategies or even to learn a brand new variant that they have never played.

Play for Fun

The number one reason why people choose free casino blackjack over the paid version is simply because they want to play for fun. No matter whether a player opts to spend his or her money, the game is one that is filled with excitement. In most cases, those who choose to play for fun will have access to a credits system that is used in place of real cash. These credits can be exhausted, but they are replenished after a certain period of time. Some casinos even offer unpaid leaderboards so that those with the most credits have bragging rights.

Learn Rule Variations

No matter how much a player has played the game, there are some rule variations that may impact his or her strategy. For instance, when the casino offers a game with late surrender, this can help the player quite a bit. Players can play free blackjack that offers up the late surrender rule in order to figure out how they can use this to their advantage when playing for real money. Some other rule variations that can be tried out in an unpaid setting include limitations on doubling down and splitting, the removal of insurance bets, or even when the dealer is allowed to stand on 16 or hit on 17.

Practice Card Counting or Betting Strategies

Although card counting is virtually useless in an online setting unless the player opts for a live dealer game, they can still play free blackjack in order to practice the strategy. Betting strategies are also quite common when it comes to the virtual game as they help players to better manage their finances during a gaming session. Players will often turn to unpaid games so that they can perfect these strategies before employing them in real life settings.

Learn a New Variant

Perhaps a player is quite comfortable with traditional variants but wants to learn a new variation like Duel 21 or even Double Exposure. Now, the variances in the rules of the games are only slight, but these deviations can have a huge impact on the overall outcome for the player. Free casino blackjack gives the player the opportunity to learn all of the rules and the impacts they will have before they commit to making real-money wagers.

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