Combatting Canadian Online Gambling Addictions is a fantastic resource for anyone because it promotes healthy habits.

Canadian online gambling addictions are major problems for those who suffer with them and for their families. Although the government in this country brings in nearly $15 million per year by hosting these websites, lotteries and sportsbooks, there are some people out there who take things too far and get in over their heads. In fact, when wagers in overseas institutes are counted, that number soars to as much as $30 million in funds spent on this pastime.

Statistical Analysis

The first step in thwarting Canadian online gambling addictions involves determining the number of people who are affected. In this country, the legal gambling age is generally 18 or 19 depending upon the province. Now, there are 26.6 million people over the age of 20 in the country, and if the estimated 70% of those people have spent money gambling online or off, then that's about 18.6 million people. Finally, according to studies performed by various groups, it is estimated that 3% of these individuals have an addiction. That's more than 500,000 people - half a million.

Do This Many People Really Have a Problem?

Half a million is a staggering number, and it's one that, if it were the case, would have the country's government scrambling to do something despite its rather lucrative income. Rather, this half-a-million figure relates to the number of people who are actually affected by Canadian online gambling addictions and not the gamblers themselves. This includes friends, family members, employers and even co-workers who are left to deal with the aftermath of these sessions. In fact, it is estimated that some one in five people are indirectly affected by these folks' actions in one way or another, whether they're picking up extra hours to make up for the losses or taking on more responsibilities in the workplace.

Resources and Help

Of course, the government doesn't stand idly by and watch people suffer. There are numerous resources out there for anyone who may be affected by Canadian online gambling addictions. The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse is one such venue, and their reach spans people who have issues with alcohol, drugs and spending. Gamblers Anonymous is an independent non-profit that also offers up some solutions. is a fantastic resource for anyone because it promotes healthy habits. Finally, there is the Problem Gambling Helpline that is available 24 hours a day to anyone who just wants to talk about themselves, a friend, or even a loved one they might be concerned about.

In a nutshell, this really can happen to anyone regardless of whether they've ever had any problems before. It is best to address any issue up-front and quickly rather than to second-guess, as well. All of the resources listed above are free of cost and available to anyone regardless of their age, income level or social status, so they should be utilized at the very first sign of Canadian online gambling addictions in order to have the best chance of success.

Self-Exclusion Mandate

  1. At, we agree that all sites should be required to give Canadian gamblers the opportunity to request a time out for a specified time period.
  2. During this cooling off period, casinos would need to back off on the marketing efforts and prohibit play.
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