Free Casinos Include Baccarat

Canadian players like to play free baccarat for many different reasons, and the good news is that there are plenty of casinos that offer this casino classic to players whether or not they want to spend real money to play. Although many players are intimidated by baccarat at first because it is traditionally one of the more 'glamorous' casino games, it is incredibly easy to learn and play.

Traditional Gameplay

In its most traditional form, the game is played at a casino table with as many as eight players. However, unlike blackjack, each player does not receive his or her own hand. Rather, the dealer sets up only two hands at the table: the player hand and the banker hand. (The casino plays the role of the banker here.) The player's objective is to simply guess which hand will win, or have the highest value, according to game rules and the rules of the house.

Card Values

Before choosing to play free baccarat, players should first understand the value of the cards so that they will understand their wins and losses. Cards two through nine are valued at the number on their faces, meaning a three is worth three points and a six is worth six. Face cards have no value at all and Aces are always valued at one. The winner is the hand that is closest to a score of nine, and if a double digit score is created, then the tens place is removed. For instance, a total score of 13 is actually a score of 3.

Other Versions

In some versions of free casino baccarat, the players actually take turns acting as the banker much as they take turns dealing in Texas Holdem games. There are still only two hands dealt, but the person acting as the banker must stake his or her own funds against all of the players. When the banker wins, the house takes a 'rake' which is generally between 3% and 5% of the winnings. These games are rare in online casinos, however.

Real-Money Games are for High Rollers

Just like in land based casinos, the game is generally not available with low table limits. Bet sizes are traditionally moderate, and while most online casinos offer high stakes tables, these are only available to those players who have proven that they are able to make large deposits with the casino on a regular basis. Some venues only allow players to access the high limit tables once they have earned VIP status.

Pro Tips

Before anyone chooses to play free baccarat, there are some tips they should consider. The banker hand always has the best odds, but the player hand ranks a very close second. While it may be tempting to wager on the tie bet because of the enormous payout potential, the odds of winning this bet are so slim that it is almost always best avoided. There is no real strategy here other than this as the outcome of the game is always random.

Free vs. Paid

Free casino baccarat gives players the opportunity to experience the thrills of the game, learn the rules, and even devise betting strategies to help them better manage their bankrolls. It also gives players the opportunity to play a high stakes game without fear of losing real money in the process.

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